DIY Floral Felt Table Centerpiece – Change colors for fall


Materials and tools:

Felt soft: red, purple, green.

Felt solid: White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, light pink, turquoise, purple, light purple.

Rhinestones on the adhesive-based yellow and purple.

Cardboard, glue gun, spare rods glue gun, red thread, beading needle (can be normal), felt-tip pen for fabric rinse, scissors, ruler.

So, let’s begin!

Red felt cut two circles with a diameter of 20 sm.Odin circle of cardboard with a diameter 19 sm.Mezhdu two circles of felt put our cardboard circle.

Red thread to stitch along the edge of obmetochnym seam as shown in the photo.


step 2

We get down to the flowers. In the first photo you can see a pattern used in the work.

In the second photo the blank here such polosochek.Oni useful for cores and gentle colors of pink and purple.

For soft pink flowers must be cut two stripes of length (L) – 20 cm and a width (W) – 8 sm.I one striped same color less D = 20 cm, W = 6 sm.Zatem striped fold in half, and to fix needles raschertit said step for bahromy.Razrezat the lines before reaching the end as shown in risunke.To same is repeated for the other colors not only folding in half.

For violet – seven strips D = 20 cm, W = 2 cm, the fringe pitch – 0.5 cm.

For cores of white color – orange three strips D = 20 cm, W = 2 cm, 0.5 cm pitch.

For cores of red flowers – five yellow strips D = 14 cm, W = 1 cm, 0.3 cm pitch.

For cores blue colors yellow we need four D = 14 cm, W = 2.5 cm, 0.3 cm pitch and four pink stripes D = 11 cm, W = 2 cm.

After we cut all the fringe polosok.Poocheredno lubricates the bottom edge of the glue and turn into a roll.

For blue flowers, first turn off the roll in pink stripes, then we wind it yellow. See Step 6.

step 3

Cut out the pattern turquoise rosettes on the reduced vyshe.Nam need three of these flowers.

Twisting spirally as shown in the photo and glue via pistoleta.V glue in the middle of a yellow strazik.

The same actions are performed for the orange flower, however, paste it into a purple heart. We do four flowers of that color.

step 4

White flower.

Cut six pieces of the pattern for lepestkov.Skleivaem two midway so that our petals distributed ravnomerno.V glue in the middle of the orange serdtsevinu.K core glue attach the flower of our region.

Make three white flower.

step 5

Red flower.

For a single flower we need six large and four small petals, one pistol serdtsevina.Prikleivaem our small petals to the yellow serdtsevine.Dva opposite one another, then another dva.Posle as four small petals glued, proceed to bolshim.Kley applied as It is shown in the photo.

Thus we do five red flowers.

step 6

Blue flower.

For a single flower with eight petals of the same size and one of the two core polosok.Prikleivaem petals as in the photo.

To stand need four blue flower.

step 7

Cut out the four parts of the pattern specified in Step 2. Next in the middle of a drip glue, connecting Hom to more menshemu.V glue in the center of the purple rhinestones tsveta.Delaem three flowers.

step 8

Flowers received in random order, as will your heart desires)) composing our felt-cardboard osnove.Ya cemented igolochkami.Zatem all the flowers on the glue attach to the substrate. Making green leaves by cutting them fifteen polosochek D = 4 cm W = 1 cm and seven slips D = 8 W = 0.5 cm sm.Polosochki folded double and glued in any order on our flower meadow.

step 9

That’s the beauty of flowers is ready! It is safe to decorate the table!

Stand can be used as a photo frame or as a panel attached to the wall.

Thank you for attention!

Source – I have translated to English

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