DIY Lace and Burlap Dream Catcher


To create Dreamcatcher, we need:

 burlap (20 \ 20 cm);

 twine;

 lace, ribbons, cloth fabric;

 wooden beads of different sizes;

 cardboard;

 feathers / can be done by

– wire

– corrugated paper;

– lengths of cloth (linen / cotton)

As tools I used glue-gun, PVA glue, scissors, chalk, thread, needles, pins, stationery knife.

step 2

Making the foundation for a catcher. You can use ready-made, you can make your own.

At draw a circle with a diameter of 20 cm piece of cardboard (took in what was at hand ) Cut. Next draw inside another circle, the smaller (diameter 18 cm). With the help of office knife cut his. The result here is a “bagel”, which decorate with twine using glue-gun.

step 3

Burlap cut circle of the same diameter as the “donut”. We sew. The resulting seam is ugly, we then hide.

step 4

Cooking “tails” for our catcher. The material can be used tape lace fabric strip tow rope. Envisage how they are about to be placed, and then sew or glue on the back side (where the seam).

step 5

Next, decorate beads catcher. At the top of the catcher attachment do that too (optional) decorate beads.

step 6

Usually decorated with feathers Dream catchers. As such I did not have, I want to bring to your attention the following alternative. To create a makeshift “feathers” (though in my case they are more like “leaves”) I needed:

 advance starched cloth (take one that does not fray)

 wire

 corrugated paper

Draw, cut. Cut the required length of wire. Its corrugated paper paste using PVA adhesive. The resulting glue sticks to the “feathers”.

step 7

We fix “feathers” that’s such a simple way to “tails” with the glue-gun.

step 8

 On the back side with glue-gun our not very nice seam close lace.

step 9

Decorate the middle of a catcher. Paper cut out two hearts. Draw out on the fabric (I had a small piece of guipure) cut. Pinned down. Broad (coarse) sew stitches.

step 10

Our hearts Catcher is ready! Who knows, perhaps it is this amulet will help you meet your soul mate


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