Free Felt Pattern – Master Yoda

Step 1

Hello, my friends felt! Today, together with you, we sew that’s such a nice and not at all warlike character of Star Wars. I hope that there are fans Master Yoda

So, sew, we need:

1. Felt: black, white, green, brown, beige, green (I’ll use a soft, thin (0.5 mm) spanish polyester felt)

2. Threads: green, light green, brown, beige

3. Tools and stuff: Disappearing marker, needle, scissors, padding polyester, hole punch on the felt, glue Moment Crystal (or whatever your favorite textile glue), glue gun, white paint on fabric, blush

4. Excellent mood and unrestrained desire to create!


step 2

Disappearing marker to draw out the details of the pattern of felt. cut out

step 3

Because of beige felt we cut out the body part 1, part 2 cloak sleeves 4 parts

step 4

Brown felt body 1 cut item and 2 parts canes

step 5

Of light green felt – 2 pieces of head, 4 parts of the ear, part 4 hands and 4 feet details. From green felt – 2 inner part of the ear

step 6

Take the brown body part. Black felt cut strip – belt and fix it to the body with adhesive textile

step 7

Top are putting two pieces raincoat

step 8

Beige seam thread “back needle” as shown in the diagram, sew cloak to extensions

step 9

Now we add up the two body parts (beige and brown)

step 10

Obmetochnym seam, as shown in the diagram, beige thread sew the body, but not to the end – leaving an opening for stuffing

step 11

Fills the body with synthetic padding and finish the blanket stitch

step 12

We pass to the hands. Spread 4 parts so that the two of them look in the opposite direction

step 13

We are putting on top of the sleeve. For convenience, you can lock them sewing textile glue droplet

step 14

Now we add up the parts in pairs. Obmetochnym suture thread is sheathed bright green light green part only hands

ps In this crosslinking details I usually leave a small tail yarn, which is then I fill the inside – there when filling in this place is not exactly the seam gets going

step 15

Now take longer beige thread and a top-down and bottom-up then sew beige of the hands. Fills synthetic padding handle

step 16

Fold over the pairs of legs and sew parts of their bright green thread seam obmetochnym

step 17

Fills synthetic padding legs and finish the seam

step 18

In order to make the cane, we just add up the two, it’s parts and sew them obmetochnym seam brown thread. Synthetic padding can not fill

step 19

We turn to the lugs. Take the two pieces

step 20

Putting a green top to internal parts

step 21

Green thread stitch “back needle” sew ear vnutryanku

step 22

Now we add up the details with them in pairs …

step 23

… and sew them obmetochnym bright green suture thread. Synthetic padding ears we do not stuffing

step 24

To make the eyes on the black felt I obvozhu polubusinu. I turned circles with a diameter of 1 cm. Cut. Glue black circles on a white piece of felt at a small distance from each other and edges of felt

step 25

Now cut a circle, departing from their black edge somewhere 2-3 mm. We’ve got eyes. Glue them on the part of the head. Now, focusing on the eyes, Disappearing marker draw Master wrinkles on the forehead and under the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth

step 26

Double green thread stitch “back needle” embroider all painted parts

step 27

In the second part of the head for easy sewing fix drop of glue ears

step 28

Put the front part of the head to the rear

step 29

Lime thread obmetochnym seam sew head …

step 30

… and fills its synthetic padding

step 31

Heat the glue gun. First glue the head to the body. At the same time we put glue on the body in the neck and then above “presses” the head

step 32

glue pens

step 33

Now fix the adhesive feet

step 34

Finally, glue stick to the handles

step 35

White paint on fabric paint shine in the eyes of the Master. After some time, some of the ink will be absorbed and will need to apply a second coat of paint

step 36

The final step – draw a blush pink cheeks!

step 37

And our Master Yoda ready! I tried to make it nice and child so that you can make such a hero to his kids I took his 12 cm.

I look forward to a photo of your star heroes!

And see you in my new master classes,

Marya Manu




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