Free Felt Pattern – Unicorn


Hello, my friends felt!

We continue with you sew figures for children’s mobiles, and today we sew from felt here this unicorn with wings! I made her a size of 14 cm, you can still do it and any other size.

Sew, we need:

1. Felt: white, black, blue, pink, yellow, blue (I will use the Spanish soft polyester thin (0.5 mm) Felt)

2. Yarn: white, black, blue, pink, yellow

3. Tools and stuff: Disappearing marker, scissors, needle, padding polyester, glue Moment Crystal (or whatever your favorite textile glue), glue gun, hole punch on the felt, paint, white paint on fabric, buttons, gradient yarn

4. Pattern

5. Great mood and the desire to create!


step 2

Disappearing marker draw out the details on the felt. cut out

step 3

Because of the white felt we cut 2 pieces of head, 2 parts of the body, ear 4 parts and 2 parts of each leg

step 4

Pink 2 felts cut parts of the tail, snout and 2 parts 2 parts pink ear

step 5

Of the blue batt – wing parts 4, 2 parts for each leg hoof. Yellow – 1 piece horn

step 6

At this vyrezatelnaya part is over, we start sshivatelnuyu

Take one part of the head and draw on it a marker of future Disappearing eyebrows

step 7

Embroider edge double black thread stitch “back needle”, as shown in the diagram

step 8

Likewise draw in the future muzzle smile. Embroider smile all the same stitch “back needle”

step 9

Also embroider two crosses on the site of the nostrils

step 10

Take a piece horn and folding it in half. Sew line connection yellow obmetochnym suture thread, as is shown in the diagram. Knot we have to stay on the front side

step 11

Now, gut-wrenching our horn (it’s best to do it some stick) and fills the horn with synthetic padding

step 12

We put the horn to the head

step 13

We derive a needle with a yellow thread close to the horn and then enter the back, taking a piece of yellow felt. Then again we deduce near the horn, but departing pair mm from the first stitch. And the conduct of our spiral seam clockwise

step 14

We sew horn completely and finish the seam

step 15

Fold the two parts muzzle unicorn

step 16

Sew them pink thread obmetochnym seam, but not completely – leaving an opening for stuffing

step 17

Fills part synthetic padding and finish the blanket stitch

step 18

Well, since we started working with pink thread, let’s do the rest of the relevant details. Fold the two parts of the tail

step 19

Sheathe their obmetochnym seam and …

step 20

… fills synthetic padding. The part that will be sewn into the body, we are not synthetic padding stuffing

step 21

Spread on the ears of their pink side and sew these areas pink thread stitch “back needle”

step 22

Change the pink thread on blue. Fold the wings in pairs Details

step 23

Sew wings obmetochnym seam. we are not wings fills synthetic padding. Also in the center of each wing sew on buttons

step 24

Now we will only work with white thread. Spread foot. One part of each tab, we turn to the right, and the respective second – left

step 25

Put on the foot corresponding to the claw. For the convenience of sewing fix each hoof droplet textile glue

step 26

Now add up the legs in pairs. Bottom slightly cut off sticking white tips

step 27

Each paw we sheathe obmetochnym seal and fills synthetic padding

step 28

Just in pairs and we add tabs and sheathe their obmetochnym seam. Ears we do not stuffing synthetic padding

step 29

Fold the two body parts

step 30

Sheathe body obmetochnym seam. Do not forget to put a tail!

step 31

Fills the body with synthetic padding and finish the blanket stitch

step 32

Now the hardest part – the head. We need to make a beautiful mane for our unicorn. To do this, we take the yarn or iris. I chose a gradient yarn if you do not have this, you can use multiple coils in different colors. Dissolve the thread and put it a snake – the longer the mane you want, so long do the thread

step 33

Now cut the yarn from another long string and tied it in the middle of our snake. We are tying the knot. Long tips node also become hair mane

step 34

Cut all the turns

step 35

Take the two parts of the head. On one we already sewn horn, and on the second we decompose ears unicorn. For convenience, you can lock them sewing straw textile glue

step 36

Put the rear upper portion

step 37

Sew the two parts obmetochnym seam. Do not forget to put in the top of the mane, and miss a couple of stitches through it. Because my figure in future decorate mobile, I also invest and thick thread hanging iris

step 38

Fills his head with synthetic padding

step 39

Heat the glue gun. With the help of his first glue the head to the body

step 40

Then – all the details of the foreground: the muzzle, the wing, the front straight leg and back leg

step 41

Overturn figure and glue the remaining parts

step 42

Now let us make our eyes unicorn. Punch felt cut down on black felt two circles of 5 mm diameter. If you do not have such a hole punch, then these circles you can cut the nail scissors.

On a blue felt draw two circles with a diameter of 1 cm. Usually, I obvozhu some polubusinu.

Glue the black circles in the middle and cut the blue eyes of the drawn lines

step 43

Clay Moment Crystal was glued eyes

step 44

Rouge cheeks draw unicorn. White paint on fabric paint gleam in his eyes. Usually, I use a sharp skewers. After some time, some of the ink absorbed in the felt and will need to apply a second coat of paint

step 45

And our figure for mobi ready! I’ll show you an even more sophisticated version of this pattern. I also made a large unicorn with moving legs and wings complex, where I carved separately and glued each feather.

I will look forward to your photos fabulous edinorozhek!

And see you in my new master classes,

Marya Manu


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