Free Felt Tutorial for Mobile Pieces


Step 1

For the manufacture of our recognition of the need:

. – Hard Korean Felt A4 dark pink color format – 3 pcs, felt gray A4 color – 1 pc, small pieces of blue and white felt.;

– sewing thread to match the felt

– wool

– a hook (for more convenient filling parts cotton or synthetic padding)

– Pattern

– good mood!

To begin, cut out pattern and transfer them to our dark pink felt. Cut the workpiece letters and hearts.

step 2

As seen on the pattern, we need to cut two Circuits each letter and heart. PARTS loopy seam sewing thread to match the felt. How to perform the loop stitch shown in the scheme.

step 3

During a loop seam joining parts do not forget to fill with cotton heart. Of course, it is possible and it is probably better to use padding polyester, but as inspiration to me, caught by surprise, had to use the means at hand 😀 (the same procedure, starting with Step 1 is used for heart larger)

step 4

Getting crosslinking components for the letters. If used in hard felt, it must be remembered that not much should be tightened when the thread of the stitch seam, or edges of the product will be greatly deformed when filled with cotton wool (synthetic padding).

step 5

First details ready.

step 6

We sew items for the letter U is also a loop stitch and fill with cotton wool as you go. Very convenient to use in this case, the hook to push the wool and uniform filling of the letters of the internal space.

step 7

Little heart, we will use for Teddy bears. We proceed to its manufacturing. We begin to sew the body parts, do not forget about stuffing cotton in the course of work.

step 8

Similarly we proceed with the upper legs. 

step 9

Next, sew the seam nose “back needle” to the muzzle. After proceed to the cross-linking of faces and filling it with cotton wool. Not taking the thread immediately sew snout to the head of a secret seam.

step 10

Sew large patch stitches to the head and embroider bears to great effect decorative stitches on his head. 

step 11

Loopy seam treat ears and without taking the thread, sew the head.

step 12

Stitch “back needle” sew blue felt to the lower tabs sew both parts.

step 13

Sew upper legs to the head hooking the thread of the stitch seam on both parts. Next, sew head to calf seam hiding behind.

step 14

Little heart a pair of stitch sewn to both the upper tabs. Lower tabs sew in the same way as that of the head.

step 15

All items are ready and can be spread this recognition of your loved ones on your desktop, put it in the basket with candy or flowers or used in any panel of felt.

Love and be loved!!


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